About Codey

Hello, I’m Codey Orgill, a passionate explorer and a seeker of the vast expanses both within us and in the world around us.  

I’ve been driven by an insatiable curiosity and a desire to push the boundaries of my own capabilities, crafting a life by design rather than default. This journey is not about following a well-trodden path but about forging my own, drawn to the allure of the road less traveled. 

There’s something profoundly compelling about venturing into the unknown—whether it’s the literal exploration of this vast, beautiful insignificant speck we call Earth or the metaphysical quest for meaning and purpose. After all, is our home truly insignificant in the infinite expanse, or is it that significance is ours to define?

We are all explorers, navigating the dualities of existence, where the search for meaning is a deeply personal expedition. My love for travel is a testament to the vibrancy of life felt most acutely amidst nature’s rawness. 

My adventure began with a BMX at the age of eight, a gift that expanded my world beyond the confines of my childhood rural town in Victoria, Australia. Each ride was a threshold voyage, a journey from the known into the unknown, igniting a lifelong passion for exploration. 

This curiosity extended beyond physical journeys, leading me to venture into creative and entrepreneurial realms. At the age of 10 I was conceptualising a health-focused energy drink to designing and selling tattoo art, I embraced the world as a canvas for creativity. 

Growing up, you’re frequently told to accept the world as it is… 

However, my journey has taught me that there’s a broader perspective to life, unlocked by understanding a fundamental insight: the world as we know it, with all its constructs and systems, was fashioned by individuals no more intelligent than ourselves. 

It’s this realisation that we are the creators of our own lives that has been a driving force behind my endeavours.

As my ventures evolved, from launching an online used clothing store to founding a content media company for adventure cyclists. Where for over five years, we’ve inspired over a million adventurers with content that encourages them to explore the world on their bikes, embodying the spirit of human-powered adventure.

Through video and film, I’ve sought to capture and share the essence of these experiences, bridging the gap between the external world’s grandeur and the internal quest for meaning and connection.

Travel for me is about more than just moving from one place to another; it’s a profound journey into the rawness of nature and the depths of human endurance.

Whether secluded in the Australian outback for months to ultra-distance running through mountains, these experiences are a testament to the incredible resilience and adaptability of the human body and spirit. 

They’re about finding peace in stillness, pushing past comfort zones, and discovering the euphoria that comes from embracing life’s challenges head-on. There’s an indescribable euphoria in pushing my body and mind beyond their comfort zones, our potential is limitless, awaiting our courage to tap into it.

My exploration of the inner world has been equally transformative. Through meditation, philosophy, spirituality, and neuroscience, I’ve delved into the complexities and simplicity of my human mind and spirit, seeking to understand and connect deep concepts with the adventurous spirit that drives me.

Now, as we embark on the next chapter with Zuetani, I’m inspired of the infinite possibilities it presents and the profound impact I can see us all having for a better world! This call to unity and adventure, are invitations to explore the profound and the majestic, finding eternity in a moment! 

Together, let’s embark on this journey, fuelled by our passion for discovery, growth, and the transformative power of human potential.

I invite you to join me as we forge our paths, drawing inspiration from the beauty of our world and the depth of our inner landscapes. Together, let’s explore the unknown, challenge ourselves, and create a life of significance, embracing the dualities that make our existence so rich and fascinating.