About Ayla

Hi! I’m Ayla. A fellow human. Doing human things with a side of ‘are you serious’ and ‘I can’t believe you did that’ and ‘why don’t you get a job and buy a house, I’m worried about you.’ (That last one is Ft. My mum – thanks mum! Here I am, trying and stuff.)

I’m stubborn and I like to do things my own way. (Aren’t we all just a tiny bit like that though?) So, here I am hoping to inspire you to do the same! Yay! Are you inspired yet?! No? Oh… Well, I guess we better move onto the important things…

So – WELCOME! Thank you for being here – a space created with the intention to cultivate value, inspiration and expansion through the fusion of wild adventure, cultural immersion, a depth of human connection and integrated wellness.

I don’t really think humans can be described in words, we are all so beautifully unique and I love to embrace that individuality among community! In saying that, if I were to describe my spirit… the best I can come up with, is this: I’m a Thrill Seeking, Adventure Searching, Culturally Expanding, World Loving, Forever Flowing, Holistic Being, Creative Soul passionate about helping our planet, our people and every living being. I don’t believe in boxes though. So you can scratch that, I’m just me. As you are you, and we are us.

I’m here weaving tales from 6 continents and 24 countries (and counting) into a tapestry of life lived fully and consciously. My decade-long sprinkle of intentional solo and partnered slow and fast-paced travels, enriched by a blend of budget escapades and luxurious retreats, have taught me the art of sustainable exploration and the joy of connecting deeply with our planet and its diverse cultures.

Before now–wait, is that even possible? Is there such thing as a “before now”, isn’t “now” all that exists? Anyway… apparently I have a past and stuff, so I guess I’ll share some of that here.

Before embarking on this journey in the digital realm, I nurtured wanderlust through my own AirBnB, curating experiences that bridged the gap between home and the unknown. My toolkit? A forest of both budding seeds and old trees of ever-growing knowledge in plant-based cooking and nutrition, breath work, meditation, shaolin martial arts, a passion of the wild interlaced with interest in unique events and experiences and a deep dive into the human psyche through psychosocial coaching, nature therapy, and counselling.

My academic journey through psychology, anthropology, and philosophy might not have culminated in degrees, but it gifted foundations for many of my learnings through being a student of life guided by curiosity of the world. I’ve always believed it important to keep the curiosity within as alive as it is when we are children, and so it’s something that I’ve cultivated within, kept aflame and used effectively to be forever growing.

My ethos is simple: feel free, nourish the body with plant-based goodness, cherish the sun’s embrace, respect the sanctity of sleep, and most importantly, just love and be in each moment as it comes – we are beings, not doings, after-all. For some reason, we as humans tend to over complicate things, but that’s a conversation for another time.

These principles guide my steps, whether I’m meditating in serene hideaways, lost in the middle of nowhere, challenging myself excruciatingly to the point that I’m questioning why I’m doing it to myself, or indulging in the adrenaline rush of skydiving, scuba diving, and rock climbing to reach the world’s hidden corners. A strong and simple foundation, gifts a consistent flow to allow space for the wild extremes while maintaining equilibrium within.

A lover of adventure, poetry, and the enigmatic puzzles of the mind, I’m on a mission to connect you to the unexplored, inviting you into a dance of words, emotions, and the sensory world. My journey is one of discovery, of logic and science intertwined with spirituality and humanity, and a ceaseless quest for understanding cultures, philosophies, and the vibrance of human connection. All with the sole purpose of creating a positive impact; big or small.

If you’ve read this far. Wow. Congratulations, because I just wrote what feels like an essay’s worth of writing and I’m not even sure what about. I hope it shed some light though and I guess from here all I can say is come and join me on the adventure!

Let’s expand horizons, break barriers, and foster a deeper connection with the world around us. Through stories of local encounters, sustainable travel tips, and insights into the mind’s mysteries, I invite you to step outside your comfort zone and grow with me. Together, let’s explore the world less travelled, powered by curiosity, compassion, and a shared desire for a more connected and conscious planet.

With love always,

Ayla x

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